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North American League

Shows For ASCENSION / Heather Baumhardt

Adult Hunter

Date Show Place Multiplier Points
468212/9/2021CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS17210.00
25606310/1/2021CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS27154.00
30653512/16/2021CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS61260.00
61242/17/2022CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS313169.00
2422314/28/2022CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS114420.00
3151951/13/2022CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS41188.00
3409303/17/2022CHAGRIN VALLEY FARMS312156.00

TOTAL : 1,257.00

* No points were earned as rider did not have a current membership at time of show

** Show does not count in top shows

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