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Events at the following locations that are not currently listed in the upcoming list, will NOT have their results included in the ranking. Shows that appear in the upcoming will be included provided results are received within the 10 days following the show. Results received after that time frame will not be included.

Briarwood Farm
Wyndsor Farm
Coopergate Farm
Our Farm
Tewksbury Farm
Worcester Stables

If you are ranking in the top 50 of the national standings or 1st in a regional standing, please make sure to email the best email address to send the invitation.  Invitations are issued in the following order: the leader of each regional standing and then down the national ranking until we have the desired number of riders, 30 for the Ariat NAM.  If you believe you would be invited, but know now that you WOULD NOT be able to attend the finals, please let us know ASAP as we will move on to the next person.  Invitations will start to be issued approx. August 25th.  You can see who has been invited at

If you plan to ONLY show in the Ariat NAM Finals, please wait to send in your show entry blank until you are invited.  If you would show in any other class at the show in addition to the Ariat NAM, you MUST adhere to the closing date of the show and submit your entry blank and deposit.

Cross Entry Restrictions: Riders in the finals may not compete in any class at the Capital Challenge Horse Show where fences are set above 3’3” in the hunters or at 1.20m or higher in the jumpers.

Please allow 3 weeks for Ryegate to receive results

Each Regional Series will consist of all shows in an USEF Zone. 
Canada will be an additional region. At the end of the qualifying period the rider accumulating the most points in
each region will be declared the winner and receive an invitation to the finals.


Please direct Ariat NAM questions or comments to

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